• Vicent Mirner - 18/03/2021


    The final sale of our Apartment went through on Friday. This was a sad day for all our family. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you all for your time, patience and professionalism over the time we owned the Apartment. You helped me out on numerous occasions and I appreciate what you did.< ...

  • Catarina Moreira - Sep 09, 20


    I want to thank you for all the professionalism shown in the entire (sometimes difficult) process of acquiring my 1st home.

    It took longer than expected and I never felt I was fighting alone. I had tremendous support from you.

    You are an excellent professional, but above all a very human person!

    I feel lucky ...

  • Andrea Liebezeit - August 18, 20

    Jake's work was marked by an extraordinary commitment to our project. The complete availability, 24/7, and the quick responses were all incredible. From scheduling the visit, to bureaucratic support, to negotiating the property, Jake did not fail. Jake is a special estate agent, with a beautiful love for what he does, enthusiastic and with an ex ...

  • Sebastian, Henrike and kids - Jul 04, 19

    From the beginning to the end (- and post signature) of the process you showed so much effort and interest.

    I am aware of my previous work with real estate consultants that it is not a matter of course that you still follow customer wishes on weekends and late evenings.

    I would like to thank you for this great service.

    Ag ...

  • Jasper Hendricks - Jul 04, 19

    Especially in Portugal I found it very difficult to find someone who sticks to his word, delivers on agreed dates and simply does everything in his power to ensure a smooth sell (or buy) of property. Our house in Raposeira was sold through Jake in a matter of days and the following sales process went very smooth for both us as well as the buyer. ...

  • Carlos Neto - Feb 23, 19

    Dear Friend João Santos,

    There are times when we feel like living.

    I cannot pass up this phase, where everything went wonderfully well, without congratulating you and thanking you for your performance and professionalism in the tasks you performed, in selling and buying a home.

    He rolled up his sleeves and did what he promised. ...

  • Alda Ribeiro Tavares - May 20, 17

    Good afternoon,

    I want to thank all the live in holidays team, especially João for the attention, simplicity, and transparency in the sale of my property!

    It was all very fast!

    Without your dedication, it was impossible!

    Thank you once again.

    A hug,

    Alda Ribeiro Tavares

    May 20, 2017< ...

  • Sofia Costa Leite and André Macedo dos Santos - Jan 11, 17

    At LIVE´N HOLIDAYS Real Estate we understand that all real estate activity is primarily made of PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE. This is the philosophy that we apply in our professional attitude, combined with Honesty and Clarity in the whole process of buying / selling and renting your property or property.

    We could not but be proud of the reco ...

  • José Charrinho - April 04, 17

    Mr. João Santos After successfully completing a business, I hereby express my appreciation and appreciation for your commitment, dedication and honesty throughout the process. Your professionalism surprised me positively, for the information provided, for the support in obtaining all the documentation and also for the speed with which it ...

  • Lloyd Piper - Aug 28, 16

    I think the whole sale process went smoothly within a very short time frame. My thanks for your participation in the entire process. Congratulations!

    Best regards,

    Lloyd Piper

    Aug 28, 16

  • Teresa Oliveira - Sep 5, 16

    Thank you very much for all your efforts to make this business happen; Everything went smoothly and quickly, and was continually informed of the various steps.
    Success for your company
    Best regards

    Teresa Oliveira
    Sep 5, 16

  • Isabel Tinoco - Sep 5, 16

    A very sympathetic and enlightening first visit. Despite the distance the contacts were always made easily and all documentation delivered at the beginning of the process, allowing the deed marking very quickly.

    Isabel Tinoco

    Sep 5, 16